How to take care of cane corso puppies?

How to take care of cane corso puppies?

Fortunately, cane corsos are relatively easy to care for. When picking up a puppy, you should start by placing one hand under its chest and the other under its rear legs. Never lift the puppy by the tail or forelegs. For adults, you can lift the dog by its rear end and chest and brace them with both hands. For the most effective training, give your puppy plenty of praise and attention.

Ignoring overfeeding

Cane Corso puppies are generally healthy, but can suffer from obesity if they are overfed. Their thick, heavy coat makes swimming difficult, and some breeds experience arthritis and other forms of age-related infirmity. They need extensive socialization with other dogs and people, and their short muzzle and snout prevent them from overheating. For this reason, overfeeding is an issue to avoid.

As a puppy, Cane Corsos should be fed high-quality dog food that is rich in calcium and phosphorus. Phosphorus and calcium should constitute about 75 to 95 percent of the total weight of the food, and you should always add supplements of these minerals when appropriate. Overfeeding can lead to a host of other health issues, from obesity to joint damage.

Immediate correction and positive reinforcement

The key to a successful relationship between the two of you is constant communication. Your puppy will respond better to positive reinforcement than anything else. This sensitive, intelligent dog craves affection and wants to please you and understand its place in the pack. Moreover, a Cane Corso is incredibly versatile, so it’s important to train it in a playful and interactive way. Also, avoid losing your temper, because true pack leaders never show fear or anger. They know their place and what is expected of them.

A puppy’s learning process is particularly sensitive during its first two to thirteen weeks of age, when he is most receptive to new experiences. Research shows that behaviors learned during this period stick in the mind of a puppy more than at any other. Thus, early training is essential for the success of your Cane Corso puppy. You can use a training timeline to understand what to focus on at each stage of development.

Providing a secure fence

Providing a secure fence for a Cane Corso puppy is an important part of pet ownership. This breed is very large and needs a secure space to play and exercise. A good fence should be at least six feet high, and it should be reinforced with extra wood in the middle. This type of fence is good enough, but it will need to be repainted every few years. After a few years, it will pose some major problems.

A cane corso’s musculoskeletal system is not fully developed until the age of eighteen months, so a fence will help keep the puppy out. You should break up the exercise into ten minute sessions during the day. It is best to have a solid fence, and avoid electronic fences, as they do not prevent the dog from exiting the property.

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Avoiding bloat

Preventing bloat in cane corso puppies is crucial. During their lactation period, cane corsos need twice as many calories per cup. To ensure that puppies do not suffer from bloat, feed them a high-calorie diet with 430 calories per cup. In addition, make sure to socialize your puppy. Avoiding bloat in cane corso puppies is particularly important if you intend to have more than one.

While simple bloat can be treated with pain medication, severe cases of bloat may require surgical intervention. Surgery may be needed to untwist the stomach and investigate the amount of damage caused by the lack of blood flow. The surgical procedure is called gastropexy, and it involves attaching the stomach to the abdominal walls, preventing further GDV. Aside from preventing bloat in Cane Corso puppies, owners should avoid strenuous exercise within two hours of feeding.

Trimming nails

Trimming cane corso puppies’ nails is an important part of cane corso grooming. Because they are large dogs, they need special care, so they need to have their nails trimmed at least twice a month. While their coat is short, they shed quite a bit. This is a good time to check their ears to ensure they are not covered in wax. Also, it is important to brush their teeth every other day.

If your cane corso puppy’s nails are long enough to protrude from their pads, then you can trim them. However, you should take extra care in doing it right. You should also clean their paws thoroughly before you start. Use wet wipes to wipe any dirt off their pads. Next, sit down and gently trim their nails. Be sure to cut only the excess, and never cut their nails too short.


Cane Corsos love to spend time with their owners. They spend most of their waking hours snuggled by their owner’s side. Ideally, a Cane Corso should share a bedroom with its owner. Place the bed in the room that your pup will spend most of his time, and let him share your bed at night. Socialization is extremely important for this breed of dog.

As with any other breed of puppy, the Cane Corso requires socialization. Its age is crucial for its development. This is the time when it’s most likely to retain information that you teach. In other words, it’s essential to begin training as early as possible. In addition to socialization, cane corso puppies need lots of attention and stimulation. As you can see, socialization is essential for the well-being of both you and your Cane Corso puppy.Similar Posts:

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